Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is Your Diet Making You Unhappy?

ByPeter K Black

Is your diet program making you unhappy? Does the food deprivation make you go crazy with hunger? If the answer is yes to the above question, you should think again, you are on the wrong diet!

If you continually utilize this type of diet, you will only prolong your agony. Weight loss, aside from diet and exercise, is psychological. As much as it is a physical experience, it is all in the mind. When we are forced to forget about our favorite foods, we tend to crave it more. That's just human nature. So, how will we ever be able to succeed?

There has been much debate about traditional diets and the newer alternatives. One of the newer ones is the Every Other Day diet. It uses the concept of anticipation. With other diets, the basic routine is tasteless or no food, starve and eventually, quit midway. With the Every Other Day diet, the premise of being able to enjoy your favorite food soon, every two days, is adequate motivation to bringing you great results.

The Every Other Day diet only requires three things for the dieter. To be realistic, dedicate and to commit to some form of exercise are the top most must do on the EODD list.

Why is dedication so important? As the main agent of change, you can only be the only person who can motivate yourself. When old habits such as unhealthy eating habits are challenged, it will be your choice to decide and inspire yourself. With a goal set, whether it's losing weight or starting a healthier lifestyle, the only thing that's stopping you is your willpower. The more dedicated a person is the more positive the attitude. How you much you put yourself into the diet will largely influence the outcome and that's a more pounds lost.

Being realistic and reasonable are essential as well. Results will vary and one person's experience will be different from another's. Set a practical goal and work through it and you will reap the fruits of your hard-earned labor.

And the toughest requirement, for most people, is to exercise. Like some other diets that claim to lose weight without any physical activity, the easy consequences also come with a catch. When you lose weight with diet and exercise, you not only get safer and effective results, but you feel better as well. Exercise is proven to induce endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for fighting stress and giving you that "happy feeling".

Once you have made up your mind to following these three requirements, The Every Other Day diet is perfect for you. Not only will it give you the desired effects but it will leave you feeling fulfilled, happy and healthy.

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